Making money in business card display advertising.

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Making Money - in Business Card Advertising


« Why Free Card?
Because it is a proven home based business where it is possible to recoup the investment in a matter of months - not years. »

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...turning free business cards into cash.

For a reasonable investment you can start a profitable business and start making money fast. Free Card business card displays can pay for themselves in months. What other proven business opportunity or franchise can say that?

See how you make more money as you add more filled Free Card Displays. Use the calculator below to make your own revenue projections. Fill in the number of displays you would fill and the amounts you would charge advertisers each month, and see how much money you can make.


  • With Free Card business card displays you are making money by offering prime advertising space from ONLY $1.00 per day to each advertiser. EACH filled display could provide you with annual gross revenue of $5,840 per year ($1 per day x 16 compartments x 30 days per month x 12 months), 10 displays $58,400 and so on.

  • What if you could fill 50, 100, or more Free Card business card displays? What if you lived in a market where you could charge more than USD $30 per month? Pretty exciting numbers, aren't they? Now you can understand why this is such a money making business opportunity!

  • "The Free Card business card display comes with a customisable top which provides you with an additional opportunity for making money by offering part of the top to paying sponsors! "

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  • MAKING MONEY in business card advertising

Making money in a proven business.

«If you are like most Free Card Operators, your display network can be up and running in less than 90 days so you can start making money quickly.»

«The business start up package includes displays, training materials, free support and the FreeCard Business Card Advertising Online resource area.»

«Free Card: Start making money in business card advertising offering a valuable service which people SEE, SELECT and KEEP.»

Free Card business card displays and dispensers offer you a great business opportunity. All business opportunities are not created equal.

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