Advertising Business Opportunity which is Unique.

«The advertising business opportunity available with Free Card is all about offering advertisers an amazingly cost effective way of reaching their customers.»


Business Opportunity - in Business Card Advertising


« What sold me was the way I can get my business card and special offer right into the wallets of my most important customers »

Business card displays utilized in business card advertising


Advertisers love the unique advantages of Free Card...

Free Card Business Card Displays enable companies to INCREASE brand awareness, CREATE exposure, and GENERATE new customers in a COST EFFECTIVE manner.

Free Card advertising is all about "High Impact - Low Cost" advertising which the public can SEE, SELECT and KEEP.

Companies spend hundreds if not thousands on a single newspaper ad which runs once and is forgotten. Do you think these companies would be interested in Free Card - business card advertising that can generate clients years after the start of the campaign and at a mere fraction of the cost?

As a Free Card Operator you will be well positioned to assist these same businesses.

  • Tremendous Impact
    Advertising business opportunity delivering high impact advertising

    Free Card Displays attract attention and this is not just our opinion - just ask anyone who has seen a display. Business Card Advertising in a Free Card Display is effective advertising because the display draws attention to itself and to the advertisers who are displayed within it. Think about it.

  • Advertising which is Selected
    Business card advertising being selected by the public

    Everybody keeps Free Card business cards. Why? Because they are selected voluntarily and with enthusiasm! The card contains everything a person needs to know about the advertiser and conveniently fits in their wallet, purse or cardholder.

  • Results which can be Measured
    Business card advertising results which can be measured

    The business cards in a Free Card Display can contain discounts or special offers which can be redeemed. This is a great way for advertisers to be reminded about the effectiveness of their advertising.

  • Message Retention
    Business card advertising delivering a message

    People who take business cards from a Free Card Business Card Display are actively looking for a product or service. Your message reaches motivated buyers, and stays with them until they are ready to buy.

  • Subtle Endorsement
    Low cost advertising receiving a subtle endorsement

    Free Card Business Card Displays are found in reputable locations where there is high traffic or where people wait. The reputation of the locations is an implied endorsement of the display in general and of the advertisers in particular.

  • "Remember: Adverts in newspapers, magazines and yellow pages can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Free Card delivers cost effective advertising for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day per display."
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  • MAKING MONEY with Business Card Advertising

Advertising Business Opportunity which Works.

«When someone is interested in an advertiser's product or service they simply press the roller on the Free Card Business Card Display and are handed a free business card. Once they have an advertiser's card they keep it handy for future reference.»

«Advertising that people SEE, SELECT and KEEP

An Eye - Catching Advertising Business Opportunity