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«With a Free Card Business Card Display and Dispenser System you provide advertisers with an invaluable service... while earning sizeable profits distributing FREE business cards to interested, highly motivated consumers. »

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Frequently asked questions about Free Card business card displays

Here are 30 of the most Business opportunity FAQ about Free Card Business Card Displays.

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  1. How big is a Free Card Business Card Display?
  2. Why does the Free Card Business Card Display have sixteen compartments?
  3. What color are Free Card Business Card Displays?
  4. What size business cards are used?
  5. How does a Free Card Business Card Display attach to the wall? Can one person install it?
  6. Can the business displays be customized?
  7. What locations types have Business Displays been installed in?
  8. Are the business card displays available with stands?
  9. What if I require spare parts? How often are they required?
  10. Do the business card displays come with a warranty?
  11. How do Free Card Business Card Displays compare to other business card displays?
  12. Where are Free Card Business Card Displays made and who is the manufacturer?
  13. Do you have dealers in countries or do I order the business card displays direct from Free Card?
  14. Do locations usually ask for payment to permit the business card display?
  15. What type of businesses will be interested in business card advertising?
  16. How much should I charge advertisers?
  17. How long is the normal agreement with an advertiser?
  18. Why is business card advertising appealing to businesses?
  19. Do advertisers supply their own business cards?
  20. How much does it cost to print an advertiser's business card?
  21. How many business cards on average are dispensed per month?
  22. Do you have any start up material for the new business owner?
  23. Do you provide any ongoing support?
  24. Where do you ship to and how long does it take?
  25. Is there anyone I can contact to discuss how this business works and to find out the major challenges?
  26. Can someone from Free Card call me to discuss this business in greater detail?
  27. How much money can I make?
  28. What alternative revenue streams are there?
  29. How quickly can I get started?
  30. What payment methods do you accept?

The "Free Card Complete FAQ" answers these questions:

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