Business start up.

«The Free Card business start up package was developed by experienced business card advertising professionals.»

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Business Start Up - in Business Card Advertising



Business start up which requires no special experience..

Your Objective:
Your task as a FREE CARD operator is simple. Using FREE CARDS patent pending Business Card Displays and Dispensers your job is to offer cost effective advertising to local businesses in your community while providing a service of interest to the public.

No specific business experience is required for this business start up although sales experience or experience in dealing with the public is beneficial. FREE CARD offers you a "Complete Business Start Up - Package" including:

  • Free Card Displays.
  • Display installation kits.
  • Customizable display tops.
  • Location agreements.
  • Advertiser agreements.
  • Script for approaching locations.
  • Script for approaching advertisers.
  • Advertiser marketing material (customizable to include your details).
  • Location marketing material (customizable to include your details).
  • List of recommended low cost online business card suppliers (available in certain countries).
  • Sample business cards.

As a FREE CARD Operator you are equipped with everything you need to in order for you to start a business and succeed including ongoing support during business start up.

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FREE CARD Operators customize their displays to include their trading name, logo and there is even enough space for paying sponsors! This allows you to start your own home based business with your own individual identity or to create a design which appeals to the taste of the local population where you intend to start your business.

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Business start up package.

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Free Card business card displays and dispensers offer you a great business opportunity. All business opportunities are not created equal.

Start a business today in business card advertising - An Eye - Catching Business Start Up.